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Projekt domu szkieletowego - Model D

D model

D as in “dwelling”, your dwelling.
The main and most popular group of Simple House projects. The buildings have the shape of “a modern shed”.

These houses have a unique wooden roofing on the gable walls encompassing two terraces, so-called tubes, which have become Simple House trademarks. We serve a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to space – from 45 to 100 meters of living area in one block. The D house projects are created in such a way as to fit narrow construction sites, the width of their building blocks is 8 meters.

Exemplary concepts

Domy modułowe, domy segmentowe, dom modułowy całoroczny, dom kanadyjski -

Personalized projects

At Simple House, we offer a selection of reproducible skeletal building projects. To meet our clients’ expectations, we customize and personalize our projects according to individual needs.

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