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Adam Czajkowski

The man behind the idea, the founder and co-owner of Simple House. On construction sites for the last 30 years. He combines knowledge with years of experience gained in Poland and the USA. An evangelist of building wooden skeletal houses, passionate about prefabricated constructions. He is not afraid of challenges. He bet everything on building prefabricated houses, despite the voices of discouragement around him. Serves clients as the guardian of quality, reliability and maintaining high standards of construction at Simple House.

Adam Czajkowski, założyciel i szef Simple House

Jakub Szczęsny

Simple House chief designer. Author of all Simple House modular houses projects. Architect, academic lecturer, author of installations and architecture enthusiast. A fan of projects done in microscale. Winner of many Polish and international competitions. First Polish artist whose project - a house built in a small slit between two buildings in Warsaw - Keret House, has been included in 2013 as a part of the regular collection of Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA). Since 2016 he is running his architectural firm, SZCZ Jakub Szczęsny.

firma budowlana mazowsze

The Simple House concept is the brainchild of Adam Czajkowski. After spending a couple of years in the United States and getting experience in building skeletal wooden houses, he came back to Poland with an idea of creating his own company. A company that would build prefabricated wooden skeletal houses, which are energy-efficient, passive and optimally designed. Houses that offer a real alternative to city dwellings. He was looking for an architect who will share his vision and passion. In 2012 Adam Czajkowski and met the architect Jakub Szczęsny while working on a family house project. The Simple House idea came to life and along came the first designs of modular wooden houses.

Today Simple House is a fast-growing company, which builds more and more skeletal houses in Poland year after year. We stand out from the competition thanks to our modern and beautiful designs. For us, quality comes first. We build our houses from top-notch materials and ensure a high standard of execution. There is one more thing that makes us stand out from the crowd – it is our customer support. We treat every investor individually, give advice and customize our projects to individual needs. We build houses fast, with big attention to detail, and without engaging our investors in the whole construction process.