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21 January 2020


Houses meeting the Polish requirements of buildings that do not need to have a building permit – up to 35 m2 of built-up area and up to 5m height counting from the ground up. The perfectly designed interior contains a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Thanks to the mezzanine with an additional sleeping space, the SIM […]

Mały dom modułowy - sim do 35 m2 -
21 January 2020


These houses have a unique wooden roofing on the gable walls encompassing two terraces, so-called tubes, which have become Simple House trademarks. We serve a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to space – from 45 to 100 meters of living area in one block. The D house projects are created in such a way as to […]

Projekt domu szkieletowego - Model D
20 January 2020


A comfortable everyday life on the optimal space of 69 square meters. For a larger family, in a version with a usable attic, we have a total sum of 105 of living area (plus slants to use for compartments). The D69 model will fit perfectly a square building area.

Model D69 - dom modułowy z poddaszem - Domy modułowe, domy segmentowe, dom modułowy całoroczny, dom kanadyjski -
21 January 2020


When looking for an optimal project of a house we tend to make choices relying on our budget. This is when we would go for the BT models, which cut costs because we get rid of terrace niches. In-between versions are also available – you can decide to have only one wooden tube.

Tani w budowie dom szkieletowy - projekt BT
20 January 2020


These projects stand out thanks to their wooden canopied terrace on the sidewall of the building – the longer the building, the bigger the terrace area. When it comes to the living area, we can choose from 45 to 135 meters inside one block.

LD92 model - Domy modułowe, domy segmentowe, dom modułowy całoroczny, dom kanadyjski -
20 January 2020


The KM projects are two-story buildings, elegant in their simplicity, characterized by flat roofing and compact size. KM houses are perfect as a stand-alone building, but they also work great as semi-detached or terraced houses.

Dwupoziomowy dom szkieletowy
21 January 2020


If you will not be able to find a house you were looking for in our offer of architectural designs, we can design from scratch a building, that will meet your expectations.

Indywidualny - projekt domu dostosowany do potrzeb