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Projekt domu szkieletowego - model D -
Simple House. Constructive partnership

The Houses of Simple House

Three energy standards of Simple House


Standard House
  • Heat transfer coefficient of the walls:
    0,24 W/m2K
  • Heat transfer coefficient of windows:
    1,3 W/m2K
  • Annual energy demand for heating:
    105 kWh/m2/year*

Simple Energy

Energy-efficient house
  • Heat transfer coefficient of the walls:
    0,13 W/m2K
  • Heat transfer coefficient of windows:
    1,0 W/m2K
  • Annual energy demand for heating:
    40 kWh/m2/year*

Simple Passive

Passive house
  • Heat transfer coefficient of the walls:
    0,09 W/m2K
  • Heat transfer coefficient of windows:
    0,8 W/m2K
  • Annual energy demand for heating:
    15 kWh/m2/year*

* Depending on the climate zone and the cardinal direction, the results may be slightly different from the presented above.

Mały dom modułowy - sim do 35 m2 Domy modułowe, domy segmentowe, dom modułowy całoroczny, dom kanadyjski -

Personalized projects

At Simple House, we offer a selection of reproducible skeletal building projects. To meet our clients’ expectations, we customize and personalize our projects according to individual needs.

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Our idea


Our modular houses can be adjusted to the changing needs of their inhabitants. The specifically-designed body of the building enables adding additional modules during the construction period and after the house has been inhabited.


Simple House is a system of ready-made modules of different measurements, that you can combine easily with each other thanks to its skeletal technology. Every set has a couple of variants: from a one-storied bungalow to a block with a usable attic.

Construction time

Simple House wooden structures are prefabricated. We produce the skeletal constructions of the walls inside our production hall and we put them together on the construction site. This decreases the development time significantly and accelerates the entire process of completing the project. Building a complete house from end to finish takes us from two to five months.


In our projects, we emphasize well-designed building blocks with a universal character. We support our clients with a wide selection of finishing materials, which helps in customizing a simple, modern wooden house in a style suited to individual needs.


Simple House wooden skeletal houses are energy-efficient and sustainable. Depending on which energetic standard you choose, the energy usage varies from 105 kWh/m2 to as little as 15 kWh/m2.


Simple House designs are created to fit various types of construction areas, including the narrow ones. In our offer, you will find small houses of up to 35 m2 usable area as well as a wide selection of larger ones. You can utilize all our houses on a year-round basis, including the recreational versions.

About us

The Simple House concept is the brainchild of Adam Czajkowski. After spending a couple of years in the United States and getting experience in building skeletal wooden houses, he came back to Poland with an idea of creating his own company.

Today Simple House is a fast-growing company, which builds more and more skeletal houses in Poland year after year. We stand out from the competition thanks to our modern and beautiful designs. For us, quality comes first. We build our houses from top-notch materials and ensure a high standard of execution. There is one more thing that makes us stand out from the crowd - it is our customer support. We treat every investor individually, give advice and customize our projects to individual needs. We build houses fast, with big attention to detail, and without engaging our investors in the whole construction process.

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Visit our show house

Visit our Simple House model home in Konstancin-Jeziorna. Email or call us to arrange a meeting. Our show house is the implementation of  D583 project with usable attic and additional annex.

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