SIMPLE HOUSE proves that a modern and affordable house does not have to mean compromise. We combine modern technology with an eye for aesthetics and functionality. We aim to meet the needs of both small and extended families, and serve as a year-round house or a holiday home.

Based on many years of experience and knowledge of the current needs of clients, we create cheap to run, timber framed, energy efficient and passive houses, in which low power consumption significantly reduces heating costs.

SIM 25

25 m2

SIM 35

35 m2


45 m2


58 m2


69 m2


75 m2


92 m2

You can have a cheaper version of each of our typologies by giving up the terrace niches.

without permit

We offer a small houses that doesnÂ’t require obtaining a building permit to do so. Despite the limited area, the house can be an interesting solution for a recreational, summer house.