One of the main objectives of SIMPLE HOUSE is an organic evolution of houses – the ability to modify the house in accordance with the changing needs of the residents. Our houses are not limited to one final architectural solution. The specific shape of the building allows you to add additional modules during putting in an order and also when the house is already being lived in. For example, you can at first order a 45 ° pitch roof, with an intention of developing an attic in the future without incurring additional costs of finishing this space at the time of the purchase.

You can also buy a house with a driveway, and when necessary, order a carport, residential annex, workshop, or a combination of these elements. With SIMPLE HOUSE you are able to change your decision at any time when your needs change, for example, when your family is expanding.


SIMPLE HOUSE is a system of ready-made modules in nine basic sets: 25m2, 35m2, 45m2, 58m2, 69m2, 75m2, 92m2, LD and KM. These are the floor areas of particular houses and also the names in our typology. Each set consists of three variants of the plan: two for a one storey house and one for a house with a functional attic. Plan options are adjusted for different types of land and locations of driveways. We offer a parallel layout for narrow post-agricultural land, as well as the perpendicular layout for land with a wider front.

All of our houses have terraces from the daily area side, and the houses with a parallel layout have an additional covered loggie on the entrance side. Each set comes with a set of additional elements: the carport for one or two cars, garage and two types of annexes that can be used as a separate apartment, guesthouse or work unit. The universality of applied architectural solutions makes our houses successfully function as year-round wooden houses or year round summer houses.

SIM 25

25 m2

SIM 35

35 m2


45 m2


58 m2


69 m2


75 m2


92 m2

You can have a cheaper version of each of our typologies by giving up the terrace niches.

Delivery time

In the construction of the houses we use a system of prefabricated elements made of a wooden frame, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the construction process. This is very important for those who are interested to move into a new house and sell the previously occupied houses around the same time. For that reason, we predict an average of 2-5 months to construct the building into a development standard.


Our offer is aimed at those who are looking for an interesting ready-made wooden house and are not satisfied with the designs available on the market.


In contrast to the traditional or modern style houses SIMPLE HOUSE offers simple forms. We offer unique architectural patterns resembling contemporary Scandinavian and Swiss designs. A variety of finishing materials gives wide possibilities and allows the buyer to bring in individual style to the house. Even the basic version with the anthracite coloured steel roof and timber loggie and terrace creates a simple, contemporary house with character.


Our houses have simple forms and are cheap to operate. Depending on the standard, the annual energy consumption for heating varies from 105 kWh/m2 to 15 kWh/m2, and the cost of heating from 22 to 2.4 zł / per m2 per year.


SIMPLE HOUSE wooden houses are relatively small- the living area of our houses is comparable to the area in modern apartments available on the market. The interiors, however, are more efficiently used thanks to the construction of four regular external walls.


By reducing the space for hallways, corridors, and boiler rooms (which are small, because they support small metric area), we gained large comfortable daily spaces, well designed kitchens with dining area and extensive cloakrooms. Both the large terrace and entrance area are covered with roofs and so allow for activity outside the main body of the building, regardless of the weather and even when it rains.

SIMPLE HOUSE prefabricated houses have been designed, keeping in mind small, particularly narrow plots starting from sixteen metres wide, which means that buyers who don’t have land yet, can look for cheaper, smaller plots.