Simple House was created for people who value their time and money. It’s a perfect solution for those, who prefer simple forms and care about the environment and culture. Our system allows you to customize your house for the changing needs of the modern family. Not only at the initial configuration stage but also while living in it.


Jakub Szczęsny

Chief designer


Simple House are ready-made, modern, wooden houses, which stand out due to their simple form and the efficient use of space. We offer readymade houses with nine main living areas: 25m2, 35m2, 45m2, 58m2, 69m2, 75m2, 92m2, LD and KM with the possibility of expansion depending on the changing needs of the users.

SIM 25

25 m2

SIM 35

35 m2


45 m2


58 m2


69 m2


75 m2


92 m2

You can have a cheaper version of each of our typologies by giving up the terrace niches.


We offer houses in three versions of technology. The standards differ from each other depending on the kind of insulation and thermal conductivity.


standard house

Simple Energy

energy-efficient house

Simple Passive

passive house


We are aware that the expectations of our clients may vary, and this is why, we offer a range of possible configurations of the shape of the building, its technical parameters, interior functions and exterior finishes.


Simple House
Zaleśna 11, Borowina
05-520 Konstancin – Jeziorna